Monday September 29

Enjoy your two days off!

Home and Exploration: Test review sheet due Thursday.  Test Friday.  Poetry project due Monday.

Extra Credit Essay: Write a formal 4- or 5-paragraph essay comparing “Feathers from A Thousand Li Away” to a poem in the packet (suggestions: “Immigrants,” “Elena,” “Coca-Cola and Coco Frio.”) Make sure you type and proof read your essay. All work must be in Times New Roman 12 point.  Due Monday 10/6/08.

Conflict and Cooperation:  Keep working on your creative writing projects.


Friday September 26

Home and Exploration: Cover letter draft due Monday.  Extra credit story on second person narration (“Baker’s Helper”) due Friday October 3.  Extra Extra credit due Friday October 3: Write a short story using second person narration.

Conflict and Cooperation: See Tuesday September 23.

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Thursday September 25

Home and Exploration: Complete the self-review sheet for one of your poems. Begin revising using peer feedback. WOD Quiz Monday. Look at your project due-dates carefully.

Wednesday September 24

Home and Exploration:  5 typed drafts due.  See project.

Tuesday September 23

Conflict and Cooperation: 1- Second draft of creative writing due typed Monday (with first draft).  2- Close read of “Sonido Ink(quieto).”  Be prepared for in-class essay comparing “Sympathy” and “Sonido Ink(quieto).”

Monday September 22

Home and Exploration: Due Wednesday: Write a poem of at least 15 lines using at least 3 different types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, personifcation, allusion, imagery.

Typed drafts due Thursday.

Conflict and Cooperation: Close read and formal paragraph about “Sympathy” pages 46-7.

Reference: Line 5: opes = opens

Line 6: chalice = a cup or goblet

Line 11: fain = happily, gladly