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Friday September 12

Conflict and Cooperation: 1- Do a close read of “We Wear the Mask” and the following Nas song. 2- Write a formal paragraph, using TIED, interpreting the message of each poem. 3- Write a formal paragraph comparing what the two poems say about being African American. (3 paragraphs total) Quiz Monday.

Home and Exploration:

Part I:
Do a close reading of the rest of South Bronx Testimonial (P. 29-31 in
your poetry books).

Part II:
Answer the following:

1. Describe the setting in sections II, III, and IV of the poem.
Include the poetic devices used to create the setting citing specific
examples.  (At least 4 sentences for each section).

2. What is your favorite section/stanza?  Why?

3. Write 3 questions you have about the poem to Sandra Maria Esteves.

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