Friday October 31

Home and Exploration: Outline your essay on graphic organizer for in-class essay test Monday.  The test is a Regnets-style essay using one of the three critical lens quotations handed out on Thursday.  Extra credit due Monday.

Conflict and Cooperation: 5 paragraph speech due Monday.  Be ready to present. Extra credit due Monday.


Thursday October 30

Home and Exploration:  Critical lens sheet.

H&E Extra Credit due Monday November 3

1. Read an extra story from either Drown or Joy Luck club.  Write a 4 paragraph essay (with 1 teacher-approved draft) comparing the story with one assigned story/chapter.

2. Read an extra story from either Drown or Joy Luck Club. Do a creative representation of the story and one of the assigned stories/chapters.  This can be a drawing, painting, collage, poem etc. You must also do a 1 page write up explaining the representation and how it relates to the 2 stories.

Wednesday October 29

Conflict and Cooperation: Rewrite your quiz paragraph on the message of the film Crash, using 2 elements or techniques of film. Do your speech outline.

Home and Exploration: Finish your preparation for the text-based seminar. The seminar is worth 50 points and will take place in class on Thursday.

Tuesday October 28

Conflict and Cooperation: Close read “Beyond Friends or Foes” and “Villaraigosa…” and one page personal response with your opinions.  Be prepared for text-based seminar.

Monday October 27

Conflict and Cooperation: Close read “Black-Brown Divide” and write a personal response of at least a page.

Home and Exploration:  Do your assigned HW. Be prepared for socratic seminar and essay by gathering strong quotations.  For extra credit, write an essay of at least 4 paragraphs comparing an assigned chapter to a chapter that was not assigned.  Draft and final due Monday November 3.

C&C Extra Credit Essay

Write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs comparing and contrasting Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Crash.  Final draft (with at least one teacher checked draft) due on Monday November 3.  Make sure to have a strong thesis and strong evidence using the elements of film.