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Monday December 1

Conflict and Cooperation: HW on your book.

Home and Exploration:  Read All I Wanted to do Was Dance p.83-92. Answer the reading questions using quotations and page numbers and define the vocabulary words. Creative Response extra credit.


  1. Explain how Sherman Alexie uses different literary devices to convey an attitude towards Victor’s life on the reservation.  Give at least three examples of devices from the chapter and explain the tone/mood that these devices create. 
  2. What happened between Victor and the white woman from his past?
  3. Why is there a flashback to Victor’s childhood on page 87?  Why is it included in this chapter?
  4. Describe the role of alcohol on the reservation.  Why does Victor drink?
  5. Vocabulary: penance (noun p.83), insomnia (noun p.85), stagger (verb p.89)
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