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Wednesday December 3

Conflict and Cooperation: HW on your book.

Home and Exploration: Wednesday 12/3

Read This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona  p. 59-75. Answer the reading questions using quotations and page numbers and define the vocabulary words.


  1. Why does Victor have to go to Phoenix, Arizona?
  2. What does Victor need from Thomas Builds-the-Fire and why does he end up taking Thomas with him?
  3. On the plane, why does Thomas tell Cathy that she has a lot in common with Indians (p. 67)? Explain what he means.
  4. On page 72, Thomas says that “We are all given one thing by which our lives are measured.” What is that thing for Thomas?  What is his gift?
  5. Why does Victor feel ashamed of himself when he and Thomas return back to the reservation?
  6. Vocabulary: hover (verb p.70)
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