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Monday December 8

Conflict and Cooperation: HW on your book.

Home and Exploration:

Read Family Portrait 191-198. Answer the reading questions using quotations and page numbers and define the vocabulary words.

  1. According to this chapter, how would you describe HUD housing and what it is like living on the reservation?
  2. What is the narrator’s message about pain and memory on pages 196-197?
  3. Why do they dance?
  4. Vocabulary: seizure (noun p. 193), deliberately (adverb p.196)
  5. Find 2 quotations and 1 question for each of your 2 questions for the text-based seminar.
  6. 1) Why is the chapter called “Family Portrait?”

    2) What is the television symbolic of throughout the chapter?

    3) Some may call Alexie’s language and style outrageous or unconventional. Find examples of his language from the text and discuss why you think Alexie writes the way he does.

    4) How is the narrator in this chapter similar or different from Victor or Thomas?

    5) Make a connection between Family Portrait and one other chapter you have read.

    6) Why do they dance? (p.194-195)

    7) What is the meaning of the passage that describes the narrator’s hands (p. 196-197)?

    8) How would you describe the narrator and his relationship with his family?

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