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Thursday December 11

Home and Exploration:

Read Witnesses, Secret and Not p.211-223. Answer the reading questions using quotations and page numbers and define the vocabulary words.

  1. Explain what the narrator means when he says “my father looked as Indian as you can get” (219). Describe how the father looks.
  2. What happened to Jerry Vincent? Why do so many Native Americans disappear from the reservation?
  3. Who is Jimmy Shit-Pants? Why is he included in this chapter?
  4. Why did the father and son leave the police station feeling guilty?
  5. Vocabulary: punctuated (verb p.213), obituary (noun p.215), glucose (noun p. 221)
  6. Prepare for text-based seminar with at least:
  • 2 quotations from your book club book on your essay question
  • 2 quotations from LRITFFIH on your essay question
  • 1 question
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