Conflict and Cooperation Reminders

  1. If you have attendance issues, see Emily at 11:40pm on Thursday 1/15 and Friday 1/16.
  2. Unit themes and questions for writing cover letters and reflections.
  3. Extra credit due 1/16.
  4. Reflection due 1/23.

Monday January 12

Home and Exploration: Draft of paragraphs 2-6 due Wed 1/14.  Work on visuals.  Reflection project.

Conflict and Cooperation: 2nd draft of creative writing (3 pages typed) due Wed 1/14.  Bring everything you need to work on it in class on Tuesday 1/13.  Extra credit due Friday 1/16.

Monday January 5

Home and Exploration: Final Draft (with 2 earlier drafts, peer edit, teacher edit, self edit) due Wednesday 1/7 for panels, Friday 1/9 for everyone else.  Panel cover letter final due Friday 1/9.  Extra credit due Friday 1/9.

Conflict and Cooperation: PBAT cover letter final due Friday 1/9 with paper revisions.  Book HW due Tuesday and Wednesday.  See 11/24 for assignment.  Group multimedia project due Monday 1/12.  Creative writing second draft (3 pages typed with organizer and first draft) dur Wednesday 1/14.

Wednesday November 12

Home and Exploration: Final drafts and extra credit due Friday!  Keep revising!
Conflict and Cooperation: Literary Analysis Sheet.  Do it in as much detail as you can!

H&E Extra Credit

EXTRA CREDIT PROJECTS (50 points -only if final projects are completed – not in place of them)

Extra credit projects must start with a proposal (see attached) and be signed by classroom teacher.  Projects are due the same day as the final paper.

    • Original photography collage portraying the immigrant experience or interpretive photography based on book.
    • A collection of poetry inspired by scenes, themes or characters from the book that use literary devices.
    • Original artwork inspired by scenes or characters in the book.
    • Read 2-3 unassigned stories and write another chapter in the book from a different character’s perspective (For example:  Rafa in Drown; the voice of a parent from First Crossing; June’s sisters story from China).

Friday October 31

Home and Exploration: Outline your essay on graphic organizer for in-class essay test Monday.  The test is a Regnets-style essay using one of the three critical lens quotations handed out on Thursday.  Extra credit due Monday.

Conflict and Cooperation: 5 paragraph speech due Monday.  Be ready to present. Extra credit due Monday.

H&E Extra Credit due Monday November 3

1. Read an extra story from either Drown or Joy Luck club.  Write a 4 paragraph essay (with 1 teacher-approved draft) comparing the story with one assigned story/chapter.

2. Read an extra story from either Drown or Joy Luck Club. Do a creative representation of the story and one of the assigned stories/chapters.  This can be a drawing, painting, collage, poem etc. You must also do a 1 page write up explaining the representation and how it relates to the 2 stories.